Odds and Ends from my brain and interests. Given that it is meant to be much like my old cartoon strip at the Lowell Connector, I suppose it is eponymous (I also like that it does make an oxymoron of sorts)

If there is to be anything here of any regularity it should be about sci-fi, computers, technology, and scale modeling with origami thrown in on the side (at least not infrequently). Oh, I would also expect some cartooning too

Zizzerz 'n Mizzilz

Also Glues, and rulers, and other implements of destruction. This page is meant to organize and focus the different postings on paper models and modeling topics covered in C°NsTant  VARIATION.

How to pages:
Thoughts and Things

  • Starship Modeler
  • Free Paper Models at spacestation42.com
  • Papermau @ blogspot. For some reason it loads a little bloated, but the person maintaining this really likes to collect everything and is connected to the non-English sites as well providing quite a bit of variety of sources.
  • Blender and Blender Paper Model export script 
    • Note: The Internet Archive has copies of the original "Blender Art" magazine which has several how to articles in it. Unfortunately these are very dated and don't really reflect the way it works today, but it does contain information that is conceptually relevant. It is worth checking out. Check out the archive's magazine rack in general as they also have copies of Omni and Starlog